Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Leslie’s Weekly
Let Us Sing
Lethbridge Herald 1905-
Lethbridge Leader
Letter Leaflet 1893-1923 Living Message
Leusure Hour
Levy Magazine 1908-1915?
Lewiston Daily Sun c1899
The Liberal
The Liberator 1918-1924 Workers' Monthly, The Communist
Library Journal
Life 1883-1972
Life and Work
Life Today
Lillooet-Bridge River News
Lima Recorder
The Lingerer
Link and Visitor
Lipincott's Magazine
Lippincott's Monthly Magazine 1868-1915
Lisbon Enterprise
The Listener 1929-1991
The Listowel Banner
Literary Digest Readers' Digest
Literary Echo 1874-18-- or 19--
Literary Florida 1939-1959
Literary Garland 1838-1851
Literary Messenger
Literary Miscellany 1822-1823, 1908-1912
Literary Review
Literary Review of Canada
Literary Transcript 1838
The Literary Voyager or Muzzeniegun
Littell's Living Age
Little Child's Pictorial Magazine
Little Chronicle
Little Falls Journal and Courier
Little Folks
Liverpool Courier
Liverpool Transcript
Living Age 1844-1941
Living Catholic Authors Bulletin
Living Message 1923- Letter Leaflet
Living Poetry
Living Wilderness
Livingston Republican
Lockport Union-Sun and Journal