Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Madison County Times
Magazine Digest
Magazine of Poetry
Magazine of Poetry and National Review 1889-1895
Magic Lantern 1848
Mail and Empire
Malahat Review 1967-
Man to Man Magazine 1906- Westward Ho! British Columbia Magazine
Manchester Guardian
Manitoba and North West Illustrated Quarterly 1883-18--
Manitoba Arts Review 1938-1958
Manitoba Farmers' Library
Manitoba Free Press 1872-1931 Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba History
Manitoba Morning Free Press
Manitoba News-Letter
Manitoba Pageant
Manitoba Poetry Yearbook
Manitoba School Journal 1939-1963
Manitoba Teacher
The Manitoban 1891-1896
Maple Leaf 1847-1849
The Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf: A Juvenile Monthly Magazine 1852-1854
Marcellus Weekly Observer
Maritime Advocate and Busy East 1933-1956 Busy East of Canada Atlantic Advocate
Maritime Art
Maritime Baptist
Maritime Farmer
Maritime Monthly 1873-1875
Maritime Monthly Magazine
Market News and Modern Farmer 1941-1953
Marriage Stories
Marshall's Christmas Box
Marshall’s Christmas Box
Marxist Quarterly
Maryland Historical Magazine
The Masses 1932-1934
Massey's Illustrated 1882-1895
Massey's Mag
Massey's Magazine 1896-1897 Canadian Magazine
Master Drawings
Matrix 1975-
Mayfair 1927-1959