Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Atlantic Guardian 1945-1957
Atlantic Monthly 1857-2004 The Atlantic
The Atlantic 2004-
Audubon Magazine
Aurora Advocate
Australian Journal
Australian Woman's Mirror 1924-1961
Australian Woman’S Mirror
Author and Journalist
Author's Bulletin 1923-1933 Bulletin [of the Canadian Authors' Association] Canadian Author
Autumnal Query
Ave Maria
Avon Deanery Magazine 1892-
Avon Fantasy Reader
Baby's World
Banter 1874-
Baptist Leader 1939-2000
Baptist Messenger
Baptist Visitor
Barker's Canadian Monthly Magazine 1846-1847
Batavia Times
Bathurst Courier
BC Argonaut
BC Federationist
BC Historical Quarterly
BC Monthly
BC Teacher
Beacon Herald
Beat of Wings
The Beaver c1840, 1920-
Beck's Weekly
Bee 1836-1838
Beehive 1874-1875
Begg's Monthly and General Guide to British Columbia 1893-
Behind the Palette 1939-1940
Belford's Magazine 1888-
Belford's Monthly Magazine 1876-1878 Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review
Bell Island Miner
Bell Syndicate
Belleville Ontario Intelligencer
The Bellman 1906-1919
Bermuda Gazette
Best of Trade Journal