Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Provincial Patriot 1853-1960
Provincial Patriot
Provincial Standard
Provincial Teachers' Magazine
Provincial Wesleyan
Provinical 1852-1853
Psychic Research
Public Health Journal
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurses Quarterly
Public Libraries
Public Opinion
Public Opinion Quarterly
Public Welfare News
Publications of the Modern Language Association
Puck’s Magazine 1871-1918
Pueblo Indicator
Punch in Canada 1849-1850
Punch, or Northern Light! 1868
Pure Words
The Puritan 1897-1901
Putnam County Courier
Quarterly Journal of Speech
Quarterly of the Canadian Gladiolus Society
Quartier Latin 1919-1977
Quebec Chronicle and Quebec Gazette 1873-1925 Chronicle-Telegraph
Quebec Chronicle Telegram
Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph 1925- Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph
Quebec Daily Telegraph -1925 Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph
Quebec Gazette 1764-1873 Quebec Chronicle and Quebec Gazette
Quebec Telegraph
Queen 1861-1970 Harper's & Queen
Queen Magazine 1861- The Queen (London) Harper's Bazaar (London)
The Queen 1873-1897 McCall's
Queen's Catalogue
Queen's College Journal 1873-1893 Queen's University Journal
Queen's Journal
Queen's Quarterly 1893-
Queen's Review 1927- Queen's Alumni Review
Queen's University Journal 1893-1914 Queen's College Journal
Queen’s Quarterly
Queensboro Daily Star
Queensborough Daily Star
Quill and Quire 1935-
The Quill