Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Australian Woman's Mirror 1924-1961
Australian Woman’S Mirror
Authentic Science Fiction Monthly
Author and Journalist
Author's Bulletin 1923-1933 Bulletin [of the Canadian Authors' Association] Canadian Author
Autumnal Query
Ave Maria
Avon Deanery Magazine 1892-
Avon House Year Book
Ayr Observer
B.C. Teacher
Baby's World
Baltimore Sower and Reaper
Banter 1874-
Baptist Leader 1939-2000
Baptist Messenger
Baptist Visitor
The Bard
Barker's Canadian Monthly Magazine 1846-1847
Batavia Times
Bathurst Courier
BC Argonaut
BC Federationalist
BC Federationist
BC Historical Quarterly
BC Magazine
BC Monthly
BC Studies
BC Teacher
Beacon Herald
Beat of Wings
The Beaver c1840, 1920-
Beck's Weekly 1914-1916
Bee 1836-1838
Beehive 1874-1875
Begg's Monthly and General Guide to British Columbia 1893-
Behind the Palette 1939-1940
Belford's Magazine 1888-
Belford's Monthly Magazine 1876-1878 Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review
Bell Island Miner
Bell Syndicate
Belleville Ontario Intelligencer
The Bellman 1906-1919
Bermuda Gazette