Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Rockwood Review 1894-19--
Rod and Gun
Rod and Gun and Motorsports in Canada
Rod and Gun in Canada 1899-1926
Romance Time
Rome Daily Sentinel
Room 2007- Room of One's Own
Room of One's Own 1975-2006 Room
Rose Harp 1823
Rose of Sharon Monthly 1868 Monthly Rose
Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review 1879-1882
Roseharp 1834-
Ross's Weekly 1859-1863
Rotary Magazine
Royal Magazine 1898-1930 Royal Pictorial
Royal Pictorial 1930-1932 Royal Magazine Royal Screen Pictorial
Royal Screen Pictorial 1932-1935 Royal Pictorial Screen Pictorial
Royal York
Royal Yorker
The Rudder 1891-1950
Rural Canada
Rural New Yorker
S4N 1919-1925
Sabbath School Messenger
The Saint
Salem Press 1850-1885 Greenwich Journal and Salem Press
Sample Case
San Francisco Call
San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle
Sanatorium Sun
Sanitarium Sun
Saskatchewan Author
Saskatchewan Farmer
Saskatchewan History 1948-
Saskatchewan News
Saskatchewan Poetry Book 1934-
Saskatoon Evening Times
Saskatoon Star Phoenix
Satirist 1847-
Saturday Budget
Saturday Echo 1893
Saturday Evening Post
Saturday Free Press
Saturday Globe Magazine
Saturday Illustrated Globe
Saturday Magazine