Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Black and White 1891-1912
Black Cat
The Black Cat
Black Mask 1920-
Blackfish 1971-1973
Blackwood's Magazine 1817-1980 Edinburgh Monthly
Blairmore Enterprise
The Blue Bell
Blue Book Magazine
Blue Jay 1904-1905
Blue Magazine
Blue Moon
Bluenose Magazine
Bob Taylor’s Magazine 1905-1907 Taylor-Trotwood Magazine
Bon Echo
La Bonne Parole 1913-1958
Book Lover
Book Parlance 1924-1929
Book-of-the-month club news
Booklegger Magazine
Booklovers Magazine
Bookman 1895-1933
The Bookman
Books in Canada 1971-2006
Bookseller and Stationer
Border Crossings c1980-
Bosotn Medical and Surgical Journal
Boston Advent Herald
Boston City Hospital
Boston Cooking Magazine
Boston Courier
Boston Evening Transcript
Boston Globe
Boston Independent
Boston Medical and Surgical Journal
Boston Olive Branch
Boston Pilot
Boston Post
Boston Post Sunday Magazine
Boston Standard
Boston Sunday Post
Boston Tract Society
Boston Transcript
Boston Women's Journal
Botanical Gazette
Botanical Review