Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Writer’s Studio
Writers' Monthly
Writers' Studio
Wyoming County Times
Yale Review
The Year Book
York Patriot and Farmer's Monitor 7 Dec 1832-18 Mar 1834 Kingston Patriot and Farmer's Monitor The Patriot
Yorkville News
Young Canadian 1890-
Young People
Young People's Guide
Young People's Paper
Young People's Standard
Young People's Weekly
Young People’s Paper
Young People’s Standard
Young Soldier
Young Soldier and Crusader
Young Worker
Your Home
Your Life
Youth for Christ
Youth's Companion 1827-1929
Youth's Comrade
Youth's Guide
Youth's Monitor and Monthly Magazine 1836
Youth's World
Yukon Midnight Sun 1898-1905 Yukon Weekly Sun
Yukon Sun
Yukon Weekly Sun 1905- Yukon Midnight Sun
Yuletide Bells
YWCA Quarterly
Zeitschrift für Akklimatisation
Zion's Herald