Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Brockville Recorder and Times
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn Eagle
Brooklyn Musical Magazine
Bruno's Review of Two Worlds
Bryn Mawr Lantern
Buds and Blossoms and Friendly Greetings 1876-188- or 189-
Buffalo Express
Buffalo Sunday Express
Building in Canada
Bulletin of Sweet Briar College
Bulletin of the American Geographical Society
Bulletin of the Business Historical Society
Bulletin of the Canadian Authors' Association 1923-1925 Authors' Bulletin
Bulletin of the International Association of Medical Museums
Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital
Bulletin of the Pan American Union
Bulletin of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology
Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club
The Bulletin
Business Magazine 1896-1905 Busy Man's Magazine
Business Woman 1926-1927
Busy East of Canada 1916-1933 Maritime Advocate and Busy East
Busy Man's Magazine 1905-1911 Business Magazine Maclean's
Butte Evening News
Butte High School Leader
Bystander 1889-1890
The Bystander
Bytown Gazette
Bywater Magazine/Canadian Illiustrated News 1916-1922
C.I.L. Oval
C.p.r. Publicity
Caledonia Advertiser
Calgary Albertan
Calgary Daily Herald
Calgary Daily News
Calgary Herald
Calgary Morning Albertan
Calgary News-Telegram
Calgary Sun
Calgary Telegram
California Folklore
California Folklore Quarterly
Californian 1880-1882 Californian and Overland Monthly
Californian and Overland Monthly 1882-1883 Californian Overland Monthly, Second Series
The Caliper