Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Boundary Historical Society: 5th Report
Boy Life
Boy's Life
Boy's Own
Boy's World
Boy’s Own Paper
Boys and Girls 1859-
Boys' Comrade
Boys' World
Boys’ World
Bozart Magazine 1927-1935
Branching Out 1973-1980
Brandon Sun
Brant Churchman
Brantford Sentinel
Brantford Courier
Brantford Expositer
Brantford Expositor
Brantfort Courier
Bric-À-Brac 1885
Bridal Call
Bridal Call Foursquare
Bridal Call- Crusader Foursquare
Bride's Magazine
Bridge River-Lilloet News
Bridgemen's Magazine
Bridgetown Monitor
Bridle and Golfer
Brief Magazine
Brighton Ensign
Brighton Home Herald
Brisbane Topic, Canadians All
Britannia and Eve
British American Magazine 1863-1864
British Annual of Literature
British Canadian Review 1862-1863
British Colonial Magazine 1852-1853
British Colonist 1838-1859
British Columbia Argonaut 1931
British Columbia Commonwealth
British Columbia Digest 1945-1948
British Columbia Historical Quarterly 1937-
British Columbia Home Journal 1894-1895 Continues Victoria Home Journal
British Columbia Home Magazine 1907
British Columbia Library Quarterly 1938-
British Columbia Magazine 1907-1915 Continues Man to Man Magazine
British Columbia Monthly 1911-1927 Continues Westminster Hall and Farthest West Review
British Columbia Record 1916-1920