Title Run Dates Continued From Continued By
Busy East of Canada 1916-1933 Maritime Advocate and Busy East
Busy Man's Magazine 1905-1911 Business Magazine Maclean's
Butte Evening News
Butte High School Leader
Bystander 1889-1890
The Bystander
Bytown Gazette
Bywater Magazine/Canadian Illiustrated News 1916-1922
C.I.L. Oval
C.p.r. Publicity
Caledonia Advertiser
Calgary Albertan
Calgary Daily News
Calgary Herald
Calgary News-Telegram
Calgary Sun
Calgary Telegram
California Folklore
California Folklore Quarterly
California Illustrated Magazine
California Living
Californian 1880-1882 Californian and Overland Monthly
Californian and Overland Monthly 1882-1883 Californian Overland Monthly, Second Series
The Caliper
Calling All Girls
Cambridge Reporter
Cambridge Sentinal
Cambridge Sentinel
Cambridge Times
Campbellton Graphic
Campbelltown Graphic
Canada 1891-1892
Canada Christian Monthly 1873-1878
Canada Citizen 1883-1888
Canada Lumberman
Canada Monthly
Canada Musical 1917-
Canada Presbyterian
Canada School Journal 1877-1885
Canada Weekly
Canada West 1906-1918
Canada's White Ribbon Bulletin 1910-
Canada's Women
Canadian 1937-1939 Canadian Magazine
Canadian Illustrated News
Canadian Academy 1912
Canadian Alpine Journal 1907-
Canadian Art 1943-1966 ArtsCanada
Canadian Author 1933-1940 Authors' Bulletin Canadian Author and Bookman
Canadian Author and Bookman 1940- Continues Canadian Author