Full Name Mary Lowrey Ross
Birth date 1891
Birthplace Brantford, ON
Death date 1984
Deathplace Brighton, ON
Alternate Names


I am doing research on my daughter's paternal family tree. Mary Lowrey Ross was her great grandmother, married to her great grandfather, a Canadian geophysicist and poet named W.W.E. Ross. The tough part is finding out anything about their daughter, Nancy Helen, whom the Ross's had adopted from indigenous people. Nancy is my daughter's paternal grandmother. I am in the U.S., but I know Canada holds their indigenous people (at least of late) in a place of honor. As clues to Nancy's origins, I was hoping to find relevant writings by Mary Lowrey Ross in one of the many periodicals she has been credited with here. Is there a dedicated archivist who might be able to help me? I am open to any suggestions.