Full Name Margaret Adeline Brown

The attribution of a collection of poetry and prose—Voices: The Voice of the Knight and His Lady; St. George, the Knight of the Holy Grail; The Red Prince of the Sunlight and the Soil; and Waneita, The Queen of the North (Branford, ON: Aryan Society, Women's Institute, n.d.)—to Margaret Adeline Brown, is likely correct but is unverified.

Margaret Adeline Brown (1867-1937) is not the same person as author Margaret Helen Brown (1887-1978), although her marriage documents read "Margaret Heline Porter."

Brantford, ON, as Margaret Brown's place of death is likely, but not certain.

For a more detailed biography and bibliography, see her entry in the Canada's Early Women Writers project.

Birth date 1867
Birthplace Turnberry, ON
Death date 1941
Deathplace Brantford, ON
Alternate Names
Links Canada's Early Women Writers Project

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