File Name Newte1791
Call Number DA 855 T48 1791
Title Prospects and Observations on a Tour in England and Scotland: Natural, Oeconomical, and Literary. By Thomas Newte, Esq.
Short Title Prospects and Observations
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Dedication To the King. [...] I have the Honour to be, Your Majesty's Faithful Subject and Servant, T. Newte. Tiverton, Devon, June 1, 1791.
Imprint London: Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row. 1791. (iii-iv)
Edition 2
Publication Date 1791
Volumes 1
Pages 457
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography viii, 440 p. 23 plates; 22 x 28 cm. Bound in calf.
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Bibliographic Notes Our copy: written in pencil inside front cover verso: "225 pounds 2 plates 22 present"; inside front cover recto "50" in pencil. Opposite the dedication (left/verso?): in pencil, someone's signature; ink in other spots throughout. Missing 2 plates: the frontispiece engraving of Scotland, and the engraving indicated "23 Edinburgh from the East" - both look to have been removed after publication – the first may have fallen out, and the second looks like it may have been ripped. The binding cover is beginning to wear, but the writing on the spine - "Newte's Tour" - is still partially visible.
Critical Annotation

Prospects and Observations is the second edition of A Tour in England and Scotland (1788). The first edition was received favourably, and this seems to have encouraged Thomson to expand on his memories and insights. His journey through the Lake District is recounted in the first section of the book, and is just one part of a lengthy excursion, which begins at Oxford and includes a nationalist panegyric on the university. Thomson underscores the importance of recording events and things that produce strong emotion, though he admits the impossibility of accurately representing feelings in language (1-2). Whatever other feelings Thomson had while travelling, his time in the Lake District seems to have been pleasant. He insists that the landscape is too beautiful for words, and should be experienced firsthand. Thomson took his tour on horseback with friends, whose “social sympathy enlivened [his] impressions” (2). The Lakes section of this tour is republished in Mavor’s British Tourists

The SFU LDC copy is missing two plates: the frontispiece, indicated in the bookbinder’s instructions as “The Contour of Scotland” and another called “Edinburgh from the East.” The book also has some writing in both pencil and ink throughout. The binding cover is beginning to wear, but the writing on the spine, "Newte's Tour," is still partially visible.

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