File Name Mawman1805
Call Number DA 625 M462 1805
Title An Excursion to the Highlands of Scotland and the English Lakes: with Recollections, Descriptions, and References to Historical Facts.
Short Title An Excursion
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Title Page Quotation "Seek for wisdom in the wide variety of the rich storehouse of nature."
Dedication "TO WILLIAM SALTE, ESQ. Dear Sir, In sending you this hasty sketch of our short but agreeable excursion, I merely fulfil my engagement. Should your friends derive any amusement from the perusal, to you only their thanks are due, for without your injunction I should not have committed my remarks to writing. Whatever is erroneous, or frivolous, must be wholly attributed to me: but among my foibles include not the vanity of my supposing, that the following pages can aspire to the rank of a regular composition. My chief purpose in the publication is attained, in thus expressing the value that I set on your friendship, and the respect which I feel for your character. Believe me, dear sir, Most sincerely yours, Poultry, 4th April, 1805. J. Mawman."
Imprint London: Printed for J. Mawman, Poultry. 1805. By T. Gillet, Salisbury-square.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1805
Volumes 1
Pages 306
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography xv, 291 p.: front. (fold. map), plates; 14 x 23 cm. Bound in calf.
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Bibliographic Notes The binding is very fragile; the title on the spine says "Mawman's Tour"
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Plate Count 3
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Binding Colour mottled brown
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