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Title The Worthies of Yorkshire and Lancashire; Being Lives of the Most Distinguished Persons that Have Been Born In, or Connected with, Those Provinces. By Hartley Coleridge.
Short Title The Worthies of Yorkshire and Lancashire.
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Title Page Quotation Hic manus ob patriam pugnando vulnera passi, / Quique sacerdotes casti dum vita manebate, / Quique pii vates et Phoebo digna locuti, / Inventas aut qui vitam excoluêre per artes, / Quique sui memores alios fecêre merendo. Virgil. Æneid. VI.
Dedication To the Right Honourable the Early Fitzwilliam, these Notices of the Talent and Virtue of the Province, which He hath so Long Honoured with his Residence, and Benefitted with his Bounty, are, with his Own Gracious Permission, Respectfully Dedicated by his Sincere and Grateful Admirer, Hartley Coleridge.
Imprint London: Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.; John Cross, Leeds; Bancks and Co. Manchester; Grapel, Liverpool. 1836.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1836
Volumes 1
Pages 740
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SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography viii, 732 p. : 2 port. (incl. front.). Published 1833 with addition of p. 481-732 as "Biographica borealis."
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