File Name Evans1842
Call Number DA 670 L2 E9 1842
Title Furness and Furness Abbey, or, A Companion Through the Lancashire Part of the Lake District.
Short Title Furness and Furness Abbey
Series Title
Title Page Quotation At secura quies, et nescia fallere vita, / Dives opum variarum; at latis otia fundis, / Speluncae, vivique lacus; at frigida Tempe, / Mugitusque boum, mollesque sub arbore somni / Non absunt. Virgil.
Imprint Ulverston: Published by D. Atkinson, King Street; Whittaker and Co. London. MDCCCXLII.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1842
Volumes 1
Pages 264
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography viii, 254 p. illustrations (plates, plans) ; 18 cm.
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Format Octavo
Plate Count 6
Map Count 1
Illustrations Black and White Only
Photographs None
Tables Yes
Binding Colour brown
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