File Name Evans1842
Call Number DA 670 L2 E9 1842
Title Furness and Furness Abbey, or, A Companion Through the Lancashire Part of the Lake District.
Short Title Furness and Furness Abbey
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Title Page Quotation At secura quies, et nescia fallere vita, / Dives opum variarum; at latis otia fundis, / Speluncae, vivique lacus; at frigida Tempe, / Mugitusque boum, mollesque sub arbore somni / Non absunt. Virgil.
Imprint Ulverston: Published by D. Atkinson, King Street; Whittaker and Co. London. MDCCCXLII.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1842
Volumes 1
Pages 264
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography viii, 254 p. illustrations (plates, plans) ; 18 cm.
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            Furness and Furness Abbey is a comprehensive history of the Furness area. Descriptions of the region’s physical features accompany a historical and political narrative that stretches from pre-Christian times up until the mid-nineteenth century. The author includes short sections on popular topics such as botany, geology, and antiquarianism, as well as a more in-depth study of Furness Abbey itself. In the latter, he details everything from the dress of the monks to the abbey’s financial transactions. Brief biographical sketches of local notables are also included, among them one for Thomas West. In the preface to the volume, Evans declares his intention to consolidate and correct a range of existing resources and to provide “a not uninteresting companion of the leisure hour, and not altogether a useless contribution to the general fund of knowledge” (viii). Furness and Furness Abbey contains six black-and-white engravings and one full-colour map. Distance and population tables can be found in the back of the volume. The SFU LDC is in excellent condition, with light pencil marks on a few pages. The signature of a former owner, “Joseph M. Bellasis,” appears on the title page. The binding is embossed brown cloth.

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