File Name Pyne1859
Call Number DA 670 L1 P9 1859
Title Lake Scenery of England by J. B. Pyne. Drawn on Stone by T. Picken
Short Title Lake Scenery of England
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Imprint Published by Day & Son, Lithographers to the Queen, London
Edition 1
Publication Date 1859
Volumes 1
Pages 150
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography [i], vii, 25 col. plates, each followed by a single-page description; 21 x 30 cm. Publisher's cloth.
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The Lake Scenery of England contains twenty-five chromolithographs of the “picturesque locality” of the Lake District. Pyne’s images amplify the poetic associations of the region, eschewing regular, balanced proportions for dramatic variations in mood and composition. Without exception, they express energy and a sense of motion: clouds tumble over the sides of cliff faces, and water bursts from the sides riverbanks and the tops of falls. Water and rock are preferred subjects, but there are also several illustrations of people at work and/or play. All of the illustrations are tinted with muted shades of yellow and blue. Accompanying descriptions by the poet Charles Swain make Pyne’s debt to Wordsworth clear: Swain frequently quotes from the poet, and discusses his lasting influence on representations of the Lake District. He mentions other famous figures, as well, among them Ann Radcliffe, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Southey, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Thomas De Quincey. The images in this work are now canonical, and Pyne’s volume is held in high esteem. The SFU LDC holds a very good copy of this work: a few of the guard sheets have come loose, but the pages are complete and unmolested, with the exception of a few pencil ticks marking the list of plates. The binding is red cloth, beautifully embossed, and the pages gilt-edged. A bookplate for “Leighton, Son, & Hodge” is glued to the inside back cover.

Plate Count 25
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Illustrations Colour
Photographs None
Tables Yes
Binding Colour red
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