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Call Number DA 690 K3 N6 1861
Title The Annals of Kendal: Being a Historical and Descriptive Account of Kendal and the Neighbourhood: With Biographical Sketches of Many Eminent Parsonages Connected with the Town. By Cornelius Nicholson, F.G.S. Second Edition.
Short Title The Annals of Kendal
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Title Page Quotation "The thing that moved me to this study was the natural affection there is in all men to hear of the worthiness of their townsmen, which they should be delighted to understand."--Verstegan.
Dedication To Thomas Harrison, Esq. of Singleton Park, who in officiating, with singular ability, for thirty years, as town clerk of Kendal, has thereby earned the gratitude of the community; and who in friendship with the author for an equal number of years has inspired him with sentiments of the highest esteem, this book is on both accounts most fitly dedicated by his sincere friend, Cornelius Nicholson.
Imprint London: Whitaker & Co. Ave Maria Lane. Kendal: T. Wilson, T. Atkinson; W. Fisher; J. Robinson. 1861.
Edition 2
Publication Date 1861
Volumes 1
Pages 412
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SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography xii, 412 p. : ill., fold. map, tables ; 15 x 24 cm. Publisher's cloth.
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