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Title Ascents and Passes in the Lake District of England; Being a New Pedestrian and General Guide to the District.
Short Title Ascents and Passes
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Title Page Quotation I. A spring flower in a glade of dew, In modest maidenhood she grew, The child, with those deep eyes of blue: I may not in my dreams forget Their yearning gaze, like opals set In some strange, hoarded amulet; Like stars that on lake Windermere Speed the late voyagers as they steer, In summer nights, when skies are clear. II. A rude wind marred the blossom's pride; It withered on its green hill-side; It bent its patient head, and died: The glad book carolled to the spring; The forest leaves waved murmuring; The birds sailed blithely on the wing; But far from the fair mountain-dell One guileless life had passed to dwell— The child, the young-eyed Isabel. III. NO vain repining tear we shed; Silently, as the psalm was said, We laid her with the Church's dead; The tall trees wave beside her tomb; And ever the first flowers that bloom Shed on its turf their sweet perfume; And ever the scarred cliffs on high Watch from their granite towers, and cry, "Night wanted, and life's dawn is night."
Dedication Printed: To the memory of Isabella Cookson, of Dale End, Grasmere, Who Died April 7th, 1862, Aged 12 Years.
Imprint London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co. Windermere: Printed by J. Garnett
Edition 1
Publication Date 1865
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography ix, v, 269, v, xv p. : maps ; 17 cm. Advertisements: xv p. at end. Plates and maps in pocket at end.
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Ascents and Passes combines the genres of the guidebook and the “Pedestrian notice.” Prior’s goal is to offer a condensed account of information on hotels, points of interest, and roads, and to supply the information necessary for tourists to take with them on their walking tours. His text lacks the anecdotal material that appears in other Lake District guides; for embellishments of this kind, he directs readers to Martineau, Black, and Payn, focusing his own attention on the description and differentiation of possible routes. He draws on personal experience, gracing the reader with the same advice he claims he would give to friends. In his words: ”It is simply, to put a stranger to the district in the same position as if he had a companion by his side thoroughly acquainted with it . . . a vade mecum of directions, wherever the map will not avail him” (vii). Ascents and Passes includes one large foldout map and a booklet of smaller maps, the latter tucked into a pocket inside of the back cover. However, it lacks illustrations; it is meant to travel with the walker, and to be used for on-the-spot reference of pedestrian routes from Winandermere, to Usslwater, to Derwenterwater. It is, as Pior notes, a complement to existing Lake District guides. The SFU LDC holds a very good copy of Ascents and Passes, bound in gilt-embossed red cloth. The corners of the cover are a little worn, and the foldout map creased. Some foxing is visible on pages throughout. A previous owner has pasted a newspaper clipping onto the inside back cover, dated October 22, 1892. The clipping features a poem by T. Kemp-Hopper, entitled “Airey Force.”

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