File Name Jenkinson1882_4
Call Number DA 670 L1 J47 1882
Title Tourists' Guide to the English Lake District. By Henry Irwin Jenkinson, Fellow of the Royal Geographical and Royal Historical Societies; Member of the Philological and Mineralogical Societies. Author of 'Practical Guide to the English Lake District,' 'Practical Guide to the Isle of Man,' 'Practical Guide to Carlisle, Gilsland, Roman Wall, and Neighbourhood,' and 'Epitome of Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott.' With Map.
Short Title Tourist' Guide to the English Lake District.
Series Title Stanford's two-shilling series of tourists' guide.
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Imprint London: Edward Stanford, 55, Charing Cross, S.W. 1882.
Edition 4
Publication Date 1882
Volumes 1
Pages 117
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography xii, 119 pages : frontispiece (folded map) ; 17 cm. Advertisements at the end.
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