File Name Curwen1913
Call Number DA 660 C38 1913
Title Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquaries and Archaeological Society. Extra Series: Vol. XIII. The Castles and Fortified Towers of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire North-of-the-Sands, Together with a Brief Historical Account of Border Warfar. By John F. Curwen, F. S. A., F. R. I. B. A.
Short Title Castles and Fortified Towers
Series Title Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. Extra Series: Vol. XIII.
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Imprint Kendal, Titus Wilson, Publisher, 1913
Edition 1
Publication Date 1913
Volumes 1
Pages 554
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography xv, 527 pages : illustrations, plates, maps (1 folded) plans (part folded)
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Plate Count 79
Map Count 3
Illustrations Black and White Only
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