File Name Wilson1933
Call Number QL 690 G7 W55 1933
Title Birds of Westmorland and the Northern Pennines by J. Oliver Wilson. With 153 Illustrations.
Short Title Birds of Westmoreland.
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Dedication To E. J. H. A Lover of Westmorland.
Imprint London: Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) LTD.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1933
Volumes 1
Pages 320
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SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography 319 p. : ill.
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            Wilson’s Birds of Westmorland is a comprehensive encyclopedia of bird species native to Westmorland. It opens with a series of essays on the local climate, geography, the food sources and behavioral patterns of birds, and the effects of urban development on bird populations. Then comes the largest section of the book, comprised of individual entries on bird species. Entries are organized by type ( “Warbler,” “Finch,” “Owl,” etc.), and each one contains the approximate size of the bird, its colour, and markings, its nesting and migration habits, miscellaneous facts about its diet, and disposition, and its Latin name. Many of the entries include photographs, but these vary drastically in size and quality. At the end of the volume is an index. Wilson’s reverence for nature is apparent: he urges nature-lovers and bird enthusiasts to be responsible stewards of the land (35). The book is evidently intended as a reference for birdwatchers (the preface indicates that entries should be consulted, not read consecutively [10]). The SFU copy is in excellent condition, printed on heavy, lustrous paper and bound in black cloth.

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