File Name Cobb1945
Call Number DA 667 C6
Title Village Story by Ruth Cobb. Illustrated by the Author.
Short Title Village Story
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Imprint A John Crowther Publication [Possibly missing a page including more publisher information; book begins on page 5]
Edition 1
Publication Date 1945
Volumes 1
Pages 54
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography 1 p. l., 5-54 p. : ill. Text on lining-papers.
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Village Story is a brief history of the English village. The introductory chapter catalogues the effects of war, revolution, prosperity, and hardship on villages and poses questions about the role of the village in the nation’s future. The author celebrates the communal values that village life fosters but is apprehensive about the ability of smaller communities to withstand the forces of modernization. The village street, shop, school, church, and inn are treated individually; Cobb describes the physical and social character of each, supplementing her descriptions with hand-drawn illustrations. From Cobb’s point of view, Changing times mean that the village is unlikely to persevere in its current form, but she believes that its history is worth preserving. Cobb cites the National Trust and post-war reconstruction as sources of hope for the future of the village. The SFU LDC copy is in very good condition, though the pagination suggests that it may be missing some of its front matter. It is bound in grey cloth.

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