File Name Nicholson1949
Call Number DA 670 C9 N5 1949
Title Cumberland and Westmorland by Norman Nicholson
Short Title Cumberland and Westmorland
Series Title The County Books Series
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Dedication To Walter Wilson, Esq. Schoolmaster and Friend.
Imprint London: Robert Hale Limited 18 Bedford Square, W.C. 1
Edition 1
Publication Date 1949
Volumes 1
Pages 270
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography x, 259 p. : ill.
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Norman Nicholson’s Cumberland and Westmorland is an affectionate study that draws on multiple disciplines—from geology and botany to ethnology, etymology, history, economics and even sociology—to paint a compelling picture of Lake District life. Nicholson places special emphasis on the role of mining in the region: “to look at the scenery of Cumberland and Westmorland without trying to understand the rock is like listening to poetry in an unknown language—you hear the beauty of the sounds but you miss the meaning. For the meaning is in the rock” (10). While Nicholson acknowledges concerns about the environmental destruction caused by mining, he remains a staunch advocate for the industry, claiming that the dalesman owes his “independence” to mining (209). Moreover, as Nicholson points out, other industries come with consequences of their own: tourism, for instance, has transformed the Lakes from a place into “something to be admired, to be enjoyed, to be held sacred, to be protected . . . or perhaps even to be exploited” (209). The middle section of the work discusses the border wars and other important historical events; descriptions of popular sports and cultural traditions come at the end. Nicholson’s tone is generous and informal: he even has positive things to say about the Larch, an invasive species that Wordsworth abhorred. Forty-nine black-and-white photographs are included with the text, and a foldout map can be found in the back of the volume. The SFU LDC copy is in excellent condition, bound in turquoise cloth. The original paper jacket is in tact.  

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