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Title Old Photographs of the Lake District by M.E. Burkett
Short Title Old Photographs
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Imprint Published by Hendon Publishing Co. Ltd., Hendon Mill, Nelson, Lancashire. Printed by Freewill & Brian Ltd., Howden Hall, Silsden, Nr. Keighley, Yorkshire.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1974
Pages 41
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography [9], 41 p. : chiefly ill. ; 14 x 22 cm.
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In this volume, Mary Burkett argues that photographs make an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the Lake District’s recent history. Burkett claims that prior to the invention of photography, visitors were in awe of or intimidated by the “grandeurs of nature” and “the overwhelming nature of the scenery” (n.p.). With the introduction of gelatin dry plates, however, photography became accessible to amateurs and professionals alike, and the scenes of the Lake District became familiar all over the world. As tourism in the region grew, so too did photography, and the possibility for any visitor with a camera to observe nature in detail, and turn the region’s natural wonders—and sometimes its inhabitants—into a picture. Some Lake District photographers dedicated their practice to the depiction of everyday people, a subject that had previously appeared only in “Genre” paintings. Others used photography to document pilgrimages and sightseeing expeditions. While it was common for visual representations of the Lake District to emphasize the landscape and scenery, this collection showcases a “somewhat random” range of photographic style, approach, and subject matter. “Nevertheless,” Burkett claims, the collection “is representative of an evolution of taste in subject matter of Lake District photographs, and in the largely un-published material, depicts an unfolding awareness of the interest of this area and its inhabitants” (n.p.) Old Photographs of the Lake District is one of several photographic albums held by the SFU LDC, but its eclectic combination of sources, genres, and styles makes it unique. The explanations and advice provided by Burkett help to show just what goes into “capturing” the picturesque. The SFU LDC copy is in very good condition, bound in a paper cover that is slightly worn at the corners. The photographs are printed in black-and-white on lustrous paper.

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