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Call Number GR 142 L17 R69 1976 c.1
Title The Folklore of the Lake District
Short Title Folklore of the Lake District
Series Title Folklore of the British Isles
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Dedication Printed: "In memory of my parents and forbears Thextons and Aireys of Lansdale and Kentdale"
Imprint Typeset by Input Typesetting Ltd, SE1. Printed in Great Britain by Billing & Sons Ltd, London, Guildford and Worcester, for the publishers, B. T. Batsford Ltd, 4 Fitzhardinge Street, London W1H 0AH.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1976
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography 184 pages : map. Includes bibliographical references (pages 167-173) and indexes.
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Marjorie Rowling’s The Folklore of the Lake District explores the legends, traditions, saints, symbols, myths, and fairy tales associated with the Lake District. The text is informative, and not nostalgic: Rowlings presents folklore and local culture in their relevant historical and ideological contexts, drawing connections between specific social conditions and changes in the natural environment from which they emerged. Each chapter is headed by a small, black-and-white illustration, and many contain excerpts from poems and songs. A map of Cumbria serves as a frontispiece. In the back of the book, Rowling includes an appendix of notes an abbreviations, a bibliography, a list of museums, and indices divided by “Tale Type,” “Motif,” and general terms. The book would have made an appealing souvenir, but in her preface, Rowling emphasizes the quality and depth of her research, and suggests that the results will be most interesting to those who truly “love” the Lake District, namely, the “present-day Cumbrians and dalesfolk” responsible for both the preservation of tradition and the creation of modern folklore (14). The SFU LDC copy is in excellent condition, bound in dark red cloth and wrapped in a green paper jacket. The price has been clipped from the jacket, and the front flyleaf bears two handwritten notes. The first reads, “Happy Birthday, 1977 (30!) Lots of Love, John xxxxx,” and the second, “D. M. Towers, 1998.” A bookseller has written, “1st Edn. £12.50” in pencil on the title page.

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