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Title A Description of the Lake at Keswick
Short Title Lake at Keswick
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Imprint London: Published by Andrew F. Wilson, 4 Heath Hurst Road, 1985. Barrow-in-Furness: Printed by James Milner (Barrow) Ltd., Ironworks Road, 1985.
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Publication Date 1985
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SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography 8 p., 21 cm.
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Before the eighteenth-century tours of Thomas Gray and Thomas West, and long before the establishment of “Wordsworthshire,” there was Dr. John Brown’s Description of the Lake at Keswick, or so Andrew F. Wilson contends in his introduction to Brown’s text, which he frames in relation to the “real” history of Lake District guides. Never intended for publication, A Description of the Lake at Keswick was composed as a personal letter to Lord Lyttelton at Hagley in 1753, but was published posthumously and re-printed in a number of other texts, including the second edition of Thomas West’s Guide to the Lakes. It had a marked influence on early visitors. As would be the case in many subsequent tours and guides, Brown describes his path through, impressions of, and feelings about the sights and scenes of the Lakes. He travels from Hagley to Dovedale, Buxton, and beyond, promising to conduct the reader through the valleys and mountains and to call attention to the splendour of “the Creator” in nature.


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