Last Name Wordsworth
First Name William
Other Last Name
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Birth Date 1770
Death Date 1850
Gender m
Biographical Notes
Biographical Annotation Wordsworth is one of the most influential poets to have written in English. He was born in Cockermouth and spent most of his childhood and youth in the Lake District, leaving for the first time in 1787 to take up residence at St John’s College in Cambridge. His study was interrupted in the summer of 1790 for a walking tour of the Alps, but he returned to Cambridge in 1791 to complete his degree. Several years of travel follow, during which he met the French anti-revolutionary, Marie-Anne Vallon, with whom he had a child. Lacking an income, Wordsworth returned to London in 1792. He published two collections of poems, and in 1795 received a legacy from Raisley Calvert that allowed him to pursue a career in poetry. He met Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the same year, and in 1797 the two released Lyrical Ballads. A tour of Germany followed in 1798, and in 1799 Wordsworth settled at Dove Cottage in Grasmere with his sister, Dorothy. In 1802, he married childhood friend, Mary Hutchinson, with whom he would have five children.
Wordsworth continued to write poetry for most of his life, publishing Poems in Two Volumes in 1807 and The Excursion in 1814, and earning the title of Poet Laureate in 1843. He died in 1850, and was buried at Grasmere. Today, his name is nearly synonymous with the Romantic movement in English poetry. (info from ODNB)
Nationality English
Person URI
Resident In the Lake District Yes
Resident In London Yes
Resident Outside UK No
Travel Outside UK Yes
Birthplace Cockermouth
Deathplace Grasmere