Last Name Linton
First Name William James
Other Last Name
Other First Name W.J.
Birth Date 1812
Death Date 1897
Gender m
Biographical Notes
Biographical Annotation “William James Linton (1812-98), poet, botanist and political reformer, best known as an engraver, born in London, lived for a time at Brantwood, Consiton, until 1855 when he sold it to John Ruskin. He was a skilled botanical illustrator, his magnum opus being The Ferns of he Lake District (1864). He illustrated his wife Lynn Linton’s book, The Lake Country (1864). In 1866 he emigrated to America, where he had a profound influence on wood-engraving, and wrote The Masters of wood engraving (1890).” (From Peter Bicknell bibliography.)
Nationality English
Person URI
Resident In the Lake District Yes
Resident In London Yes
Resident Outside UK Yes
Travel Outside UK Yes
Birthplace London
Deathplace Hamden