Last Name Ackermann
First Name Rudolph
Other Last Name
Other First Name
Birth Date 1764
Death Date 1834
Gender m
Biographical Notes Ackermann ppened a print shop and drawing school in London [when?]. He supplemented his written works with his lithographic press images/ He was interested in issues with various landscapes [what does this mean?]. He patented a method to have been impervious to water through the paper and materials in 1801. He owned advanced lithograph factories in Chelsea that were illuminated with gas.
Biographical Annotation Rudolph Ackermann was born near Leipzig, Saxony, and educated at the Latin school in Stollberg. At age fifteen, he was apprenticed to his brother, Friedrich, who was a saddler. During this time, he learned to draw and engrave, leaving his apprenticeship in 1782 to train as a carriage designer. He was employed in Paris and Brussels, but soon moved to England, where he received several illustrious commissions for carriage designs. He married Martha Massey in 1792, and opened a drawing school on the Strand in 1795, which he ran for ten years. At the end of the century, he began manufacturing watercolour paints, and in 1801, patented a method for water-proofing paper and cloth. A handful of publications in 1808-9 secured his reputation as a producer of fine colour plate books, and he continued to publish illustrated books for the next two decades. He also produced over 100 titles in Spanish, which he exported to the colonies in South America. Ackermann's publishing firm folded in 1855, twenty years after his death, but the print business he had first established for his eldest son continued under his name until 1992, when it merged with another fine art dealer, becoming Arthur Ackermann and Peter Johnson Ltd. [info from ODNB]
Nationality German/English
Person URI
Resident In the Lake District No
Resident In London Yes
Resident Outside UK Yes
Travel Outside UK Yes
Birthplace Stollberg
Deathplace London