Last Name Green
First Name William
Other Last Name
Other First Name Gulielmus
Birth Date 1760
Death Date 1823
Gender m
Biographical Notes Green was a prolific etcher and landscape artist who was recognized by William Wordsworth for his ability to capture the Lake District, notably Cumberland and Westmorland.
Biographical Annotation William Green was born in Manchester on 25 August 1760. Working as a surveyor, he first visited the Lake District on a survey of Lancaster. Encouraged by Thomas West to become an artist, he moved to London in 1796 to try his hand at it professionally (Burkett). Frustrated by the London art world, he moved to Ambleside in 1800 to commit a method of “adher[ing] as faithfully as possible to nature” (Burkett 20). Green spent the rest of his life in Ambleside, sketching the Lake District, and, as Mary Burkett writes, the “Romantic visualization of the Lake District certainly owed much to his paintings” (ODNB). Green died in Ambleside on 29 April 1823; William Wordsworth wrote his epitaph (ODNB).
Nationality English
Person URI
Resident In the Lake District Yes
Resident In London Yes
Resident Outside UK No
Travel Outside UK No
Birthplace Manchester
Deathplace Ambleside