Last Name Warner
First Name Richard
Other Last Name
Other First Name
Birth Date 1763
Death Date 1857
Gender m
Biographical Notes Warner was a antiquary who wrote extensively on the "parade of learning" and enjoyed walking tours in New Forest. Friends with Reverend William Gilpin, Warner had an interest in the Lake District. He served as a curator of both Fawley and Wales and became the first Minister of All-Saints, near Bath. He was against Catholic emancipation.
Biographical Annotation Richard Warner was an antiquary who spent much of his life in Bath. He had long planned to enter the church, but achieved this goal only with difficulty. He spent eight terms at Oxford without receiving a degree, but earned the friendship and favor of the Rev’d William Gilpin, and was eventually ordained by the Archbishop William Markham of York. Influenced by Gilpin, he began publishing tours and guidebooks in 1789. Initially, these publishing ventures cost Warner a good deal more than they made him, and it was only after several years of effort that he met with success. A lover of antiquities and an enthusiastic walker, he spent his vacations touring different parts of the country, publishing these experiences as amateur histories and travel companions. He retired in 1848, and died in Widcombe Cottage, Chelwood, in 1857.
Nationality English
Person URI
Resident In the Lake District Yes
Resident In London No
Resident Outside UK No
Travel Outside UK No
Deathplace Chelwood