The following boolean search options are available:

  • shakespeare - shakespeare should be present, but might not be
  • shakes* - words starting with shakes should be present
  • +agnes - agnes must be present
  • -fisher - fisher must not be present
  • Combinations are OK: +agnes -fisher finds Anges who isn't a Fisher
  • Phrases are OK: "nee agnes" finds rows that contain the literal phrase.
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Gender
Wilson John Oliver
Wilson Titus m
Wintringham William H. m
Woof Robert 1931 2005 m
Wordsworth Dorothy 1771 1885 f
Wordsworth Jonathan 1932 2006 m
Wordsworth William 1770 1850 m
Wrangham C.E. 1907 1982 m
Wright Geoffrey N. m
Young Arthur 1741 1820 m