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  • shakespeare - shakespeare should be present, but might not be
  • shakes* - words starting with shakes should be present
  • +agnes - agnes must be present
  • -fisher - fisher must not be present
  • Combinations are OK: +agnes -fisher finds Anges who isn't a Fisher
  • Phrases are OK: "nee agnes" finds rows that contain the literal phrase.
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Gender
Berry Geoffrey m
Bicknell Peter 1907 1995 m
Blair John Livington
Blamire Richmond
Blanchard Edward Litt Laman 1820 1889 m
Blezard Ernest 1897 m
Bogg Edmund 1850 1931 m
Bolton Douglas m
Bolton John m
Bonney Thomas George 1833 1923 m
Bowness E. A.
Bradley Arthur Granville 1850 1943 m
Brayley Edward Wedlake 1773 1854 m
Brewer Michael
Brierley Henry
Briggs John 1819 1876 m
Brimmer G. m
Britton John 1771 1857 m
Brydson Arthur Paul m
Bunch John
Burkett Mary Elizabeth 1924 2014 f
Burn Richard 1709 1785 m
Byrne William m
Cadell Thomas 1742 1802 m
Caldwall James 1739 c. 1819 m