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  • shakespeare - shakespeare should be present, but might not be
  • shakes* - words starting with shakes should be present
  • +agnes - agnes must be present
  • -fisher - fisher must not be present
  • Combinations are OK: +agnes -fisher finds Anges who isn't a Fisher
  • Phrases are OK: "nee agnes" finds rows that contain the literal phrase.
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Gender
Crossley P. C.
Crosthwaite Peter 1735 1808 m
Crowther John m
Cruttwell R. m
Curwen John m
Dalley Terence
Davies Hunter 1936 - m
Davies Llewelyn 1826 1916 m
Davies William James Keith 1935 - m
Davies-Shiel Michael m
Davy John c. 1790 1868 m
de Selincourt Ernest 1870 1943 m
Delamotte F. G.
Dibdin Charles 1768 1833 m
Dickinson William 1756 1822 m
Dodsley J
Douglas David m
Evans Francis m
Evans Rudolph 1897 1987 m
Farington Joseph 1747 1821 m
Fawcett B.
Ferguson Richard Saul 1837 1900 m
Fielding Henry Adolphus 1781 1851 m