Title Court poems. Viz; 1. The basset-table. An eclogue. II. The drawing-room. III. The toilet. A copy of verses to the ingenious Mr. Moore, author of the celebrated worm-powder. All four by Mr. Pope. To which is added W.T. to fair Clio
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Publication Place Dublin
Publisher Reprinted by S. Powell for G. Risk
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Worldcat Url https://sfu-on-worldcat-org.proxy.lib.sfu.ca/oclc/1086937176
Genre Pamphlet
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Physical Locations British Library. System number: 002957722. Shelfmark: General Reference Collection 1162.f.34.
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Digital Url https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/CW0111289278/ECCO?u=sfu_z39&sid=ECCO&xid=ef890dee
Notes All poems attributed in pamphlet to Alexander Pope, but Mary Wortley Montagu wrote the first three. W.T. = William Tunstall.
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