Title Frances Power Cobbe letters, 1868-1904.
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Worldcat Url http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/807999055
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Physical Locations Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
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Notes Manuscript collection/ archival material. Notes: Many letters undated and addressees unknown. But collection contains letters related to a variety of topics including: Cobbe's work with the anti-vivisection movement, literature, politics, Mary Somerville, the Ethnological Society of London, and other personal subjects. She mentions her partner Mary Lloyd several times (Mary is also the addressee of one letter). Addressees include author Sarah Sharp Heaton Hamer (Phyllis Browne); British novelist James Payn (letter mentions Sir Leslie Stephen); English surgeon and pathologist Sir James Paget; Lady Deborah Bowring; Dr. Reinhold Rost; surgeon Dr. Robert Dunn; Reverend Henry Allon; Archdeacon F. W. Farrar; and fellow suffragette Helen Taylor. There are also two letters by English religious philosopher James Martineau (one to Frances and one to Mary) and one letter by British scholar Francis William Newman to Frances.
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