How To Change Eye Color Using Brush Tool In Photoshop CC

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MAKE YOUR EYES CHANGE COLOR TRICK! This trick actually WORKS! WTF! Wanna know how to change your eye color? Just watch this video!... Also you have to leave a like..

In 1 minute, learn how to change eye color in Photoshop using a basic selection, masking, and Adjustment Layers.
Hey Guys, in this episode you can learn how to change the eye colour of any image quickly and easily. This tutorial will take you no longer than a couple of minutes and is a professional way to change the eye colour of any photo.

Change eye color in Photoshop - Written Tutorial

Drag and drop the image into Adobe Photoshop, in the layers panel double click on the image named "background" and press OK, this will unlock the image to convert it into a layer. Next right click and duplicate the layer. Select the Quick Masking Tool on the left hand panel underneath the Foreground and Background colours which kind of looks like a camera. Next select the Brush Tool and change the Hardness to 100%.

Go around the whole of the inside part of the eye but not the white parts using the Brush Tool, if you make any mistakes then press E on the keyboard to switch to the Eraser Tool then switch back to the Brush Tool by pressing B.

Once you have completed this you should be able to see the "Red Mask" over the inner eye and pupils. Now deselect the Quick Masking Tool by clicking on it again and select the Rectangular Marquee Tool in the top left hand corner. Right click on your image and click Select Inverse, you should now see that the outer edges of the image have been deselected and the eyes are now outlined. Right click again and click layer via copy to create a new layer of just the inner eyes.

Next click Image, Adjustments, Hue / Saturation, here you can adjust the eye colour. Personally i would recommend checking the colorize box in the bottom right hand corner if you wish to change the eye colour to a solid color for example from blue to green. If you are looking for a more mixed eye color or something that is multiple eye colors at the same time then keep colorize unchecked and start with the Hue moving down to Saturation and finally Lightness. Press OK when you are done.

Go back to Image, Adjustments, Curves to change the light and dark tones of the eyes, drag the line at two points from the top and the bottom. For lightness take it up and for darkness take it down. This is a really good way to make the eye color look much more vibrant.

You have now completed the enhancing and changing eye colour tutorial in Photoshop!

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