File Name Hudson1853_4
Call Number DA 670 L1 C64 1853
Title A Complete Guide to the Lakes, Comprising Minute Directions for the Tourist; with Mr. Wordsworth's Description of the Scenery of the Country, etc.: and Five Letters on the Geology of the Lake District, by the Rev. Professor Sedgwick. Fourth Edition. Edited by the Publisher.
Short Title A Complete Guide to the Lakes.
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Imprint Kendal: Published by John Hudson. London: Longman and Co., and Whittaker and Co. Liverpool; Webb, Castle-St.--Manchester; Simms and Co. 1853.
Edition 4
Publication Date 1853
Volumes 1
Pages 290
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography xii, viii, 270 p. : front., ill., fold. map; 11 x 19 cm. Bound in Publisher's cloth.
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Illustrations Black and White Only
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