Genre NameGenre Usage NoteEntry Count
Albums 8
Anthologies 7
Armorials Use for books containing depictions of coats of arms. 0
Artists' books Use for books intended as works of art in themselves and designed as an artistic whole, integrating binding, text, illustration, etc. Do not use for "Livres d'artistes." 22
Atlases (Geographic) Use for collections of maps in book form. 3
Biographies 17
Criticism and interpretation Use as a topical subdivision under names of individual persons for works of critical analysis or interpretation of the person's artistic works or endeavors without biographical details. 9
Directories 7
Encyclopedias 4
Ephemera Use for transient everyday items, usually printed on paper, that are produced for a specific limited use and then often thrown away. 2
Epistolary 8
Essays 16
Essays 2
Folk Tale Use for folklore 5
Gothic Romance 0
Guidebooks 102
History Need to decide what distinguishes this from local history / other genres. 25
Itineraries 9
Literary History Need to decide what distinguishes this from history and from criticism and interpretation 10
Local histories Need to decide what distinguishes this from history 53
Manual (Handbooks) 1
Memorials (Commemorative) Use for eulogy 5
Merchant manuals Use for manuals containing information on trade routes, market locations, business practices, merchant ethics, etc. 1
Myths and legends Use for folklore 8
Narratives Use for works containing an account of events, experiences, etc., whether true or fictitious. 14