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Call Number DA 670 L1 P753 1881
Title Pedestrian and General Guide to the Lake District of England. By Herman Prior, M.A., Late Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford. Second Edition. Revised, Re-Arranged, and Amplified.
Short Title Pedestrian and General Guide
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Dedication "NOTICE. In offering the present edition of his work to the public, the author has to tender his grateful thanks to C. W. Dymond, Esq., C. E., Weston-super-Mare, by whose revision and contributions it has largely profited; also to his able publisher, Mr. Garnett, whose practical suggestions have been of the utmost value. N.B. Corrections and suggestions for the future editions will be at all times thankfully received by the Publisher."
Imprint Windermere: J. Garnett. London: Simkin, Marshall & Co.
Edition 2
Publication Date 1881
Pages 255
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography xviii, 255 pages ; (8vo)
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Bibliographic Notes "C.E. Brewster / 1882" handwritten in pencil inside front cover of book. There is an advertisement for "A.1.", "Edited by Mrs. Stephen Menzies. New Illustrated Weekly -- One Penny" tucked between the pages of the book:
Critical Annotation

Aside from slight variations in the title and Table of Contents, the 1881 edition of Herman Prior’s Guide closely resembles its 1875 forerunner. It covers a range of topics that would have been of interest to tourists, including “railway approaches, hotels and inns, customary charges, and general features of the district”; “towns, villages, and walks”; “carriage roads”; “pedestrian routes”, “mountains”; and “geologic notes and antiquities.” Outlines of numerous different routes are provided, and each is supported with simple, black-and-white illustrations, and notes on landmarks and other points of interest. Explanations of geologic formations and antiquities like the Druid temples, stone circles, camps, and natural amphitheatres are also included, along with nine full-page maps, several of which are printed in colour. The book’s compact size and practical content would have made it a handy item to take along on a trip. The SFU LDC copy is in excellent condition. It is bound in dark green, embossed cloth, with the words “C.E. Brewster / 1882” inscribed in pencil on the inside front cover. There is also an advertisement for “A.1.”, “Edited by Mrs. Stephen Menzies. New Illustrated Weekly—One Penny” tucked between the pages of the book.

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