File Name Barber1892
Call Number DA 690 W98 B3 1892
Title Beneath Helvellyn's Shade: Notes and Sketches in the Valley of Wythburn. By Samuel Barber, Author of 'The Lost Village,' 'Balmoral Towers,' etc., etc.
Short Title Beneath Helvellyn's Shade
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Title Page Quotation "How bountiful is Nature! He Shall find / Who seeks not, and to him that hath not asked / Large measures shall be dealt." - Wordsworth
Imprint London: Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row. 1892.
Edition 1
Publication Date 1892
Volumes 1
Pages 175
Copies 1
SFU Catalogue Original Bibliography x, 166 pages ; 20 cm. Includes chapters on clouds.
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Beneath Helvellyn’s Shade is a collection of essays about the landscape, climate, history, and population of the Wythburn district. Early chapters describe the customs and antiquities that are found in the region, and a lengthy final section explains the science of cloud formation, borrowing heavily from John Ruskin’s work on the subject. Quotations from the poetry from William Wordsworth and Thomas De Quincey complement Barber’s text. In the preface, Barber admits that his subjects are diverse and his treatment of them fragmentary, but he insists that “the knowledge of history entailed by the study of antiquities, and the habit of reflection developed by examining the wondrous processes of nature, are matters of national concern” and hopes Helvellyn’s Shade will inspire that inquiring spirit in its readers (v, vii–viii). Small, inset decorations appear at the head of each chapter, but the book contains no full-plate illustrations. The SFU LDC copy is bound in blue cloth with gilt embossing and in excellent condition.

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