Last Name Dibdin
First Name Charles
Other Last Name Mungo
Other First Name Charles Isaac
Birth Date 1768
Death Date 1833
Gender m
Biographical Notes Mungo Dibdin was a theatre manager and writer who had a relatively successful career managing a theatre until the end of the Napoleonic Wars, when the demand for such entertainment was decreasing. At that time, he was thrown into debtor's prison. He wrote children's works that taught on "Lessons from Nature" and "The Physiological Mentor".
Biographical Annotation Charles Dibdin was born in 1745 in Southampton, but moved to London when he was very young. There he became “possibly the most popular of eighteenth-century singer-songwriters” (Gregory 62), as well as an actor, novelist, and playwright. He also enjoyed painting, and turned this “private amusement” into a profession with the 1801 publication of Observations of a Tour of the Whole of England.
Nationality British
Person URI
Resident In the Lake District No
Resident In London Yes
Resident Outside UK No
Travel Outside UK Yes
Birthplace Southampton