Last Name Lonsdale
First Name Henry
Other Last Name
Other First Name
Birth Date 1816
Death Date 1876
Gender m
Biographical Notes Lonsdale wrote Worthies of Cumberland with a terse and simple dialect to avoid bias. Studied medacine at Edinburgh. Began writing more when he was ill.
Biographical Annotation Henry Lonsdale was a physician and biographer, born in Carlisle. He studied medicine at Edinburgh University, and later, studied in Paris. He had a successful medical career in Edinburgh, but his susceptibility to bronchitis led him to give up his practice and to settle in Carlisle. After his marriage in 1851, he dedicated a number of years to travel and study, eventually producing a six-volume series of short biographies that was well received by contemporaries. [info from ODNB]
Nationality English
Person URI
Resident In the Lake District Yes
Resident In London Yes
Resident Outside UK Yes
Travel Outside UK Yes
Birthplace Carlisle
Deathplace Rose Hill